How to get the perfect night's sleep

How to get the perfect night's sleep

Seasonal changes can cause your sleep pattern to get a bit wonky, interrupting your much-needed beauty sleep. Doubled with lack of energy, reduced concentration and other inconveniences during the day can take a toll on your mood and show its damage on your skin.

Achieve comfort

Many find that comfort is the main issue when it come to experiencing lack of sleep due to the inability to find a comfortable position or bedding. Some may find that a body pillow can help with their comfort, as it support the neck and head where lack of sleep brings a lot of tension. The soothing sounds of a sleep therapy machine is a great way to lull yourself to sleep as well. From the sounds of a light rain to the soothing tides of beach waves, you will find a sound that comforts your mind and spirit while you sleep.

Another essential component of comfort when sleeping that ofter goes unnoticed is room temperature. A room too hot or too cold can play a big role in disturbing your sleep pattern. It is suggested to have your temperature set to match your body temperature. If controlling the household thermostat is out of your reach, you can invest in layering your bedding instead. Alternate between lightweight sheets for when you become too hot during sleep, and a lightweight comforter when you become a bit too chilly during sleep.

Reduce the use of blue light exposure in the evening

Melatonin, the hormone your brain produces in timing with the circadian rhythm and sleep, struggles to release in brightly lit environments. Avoid soaking up artificial lighting and electronic devices (blue light) at least 2 hours before going to bed. It may be best to wear blue light glasses (which filters out blue and green wavelengths that keep the brain active) or apply a screen filter while using electronics during the day.

Luxuriate your evening skincare regimen

Before going to bed, wind down by fully enjoying each step of your radiance skin care system. Experience the soothing effects of a skin care product that is organic and clean. Create a spa atmosphere with candles that ignite your mood with a scent that relaxes you, soothing music and bliss. You deserve this treatment as a part of winding down from the day.

The best part of relaxing and clearing your mind in the evening is knowing that you are prioritizing your beauty sleep for a better tomorrow. What a way to awaken your glow!

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